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本文摘要:1. “His body was all spring and torque([tɔːk] n.使机械等旋转的转矩), a bundle of fast-twitch muscles that exuded( [ɪɡˈzjuːdɪd] v.流露) faint floral([ˈflɔːrəl]花的) whiffs(英 [wɪfs] n.一点儿气味) of ripe pear.” – Ben Fountain“他的身体充满了弹性和气力,像一束快速抽搐的肌肉散发着成熟梨子的芬香


1. “His body was all spring and torque([tɔːk] n.使机械等旋转的转矩), a bundle of fast-twitch muscles that exuded( [ɪɡˈzjuːdɪd] v.流露) faint floral([ˈflɔːrəl]花的) whiffs(英 [wɪfs] n.一点儿气味) of ripe pear.” – Ben Fountain“他的身体充满了弹性和气力,像一束快速抽搐的肌肉散发着成熟梨子的芬香气息。” –本·方腾2. Across the chasm the first sunlight clipped the western echelon of ruined mountains and cones of the badlands volcanoes at the edge of the world, and they were gray and red and gold in the moment. – Ron Carlson第一缕阳光穿过裂口,照射在西侧梯形排列的荒山之上,世界边缘的荒地火山锥也受到阳光的沐浴。此时一切在灰色、红色和金色之间幻化。

——罗恩·卡尔森3. “I did not feel as if I were a person but simply a receiving station for a series of overwhelming transmissions.” – Jeff Vandermeer“我并不以为自己是一小我私家,而只是一个吸收站,吸收一系列令人窒息的信号。” ——杰夫·范德迈尔4. “Kissing was good, but he tended to think of it as a beachhead from which to launch more serious operations, and a safe haven when, inevitably, he was forced to retreat.” – Tobias Wolff“接吻是件好事,但他往往把接吻看作是开展更为严肃行动的滩头阵地,是不行制止地被迫退却的避风港。” –托拜厄斯·沃尔夫5. “People and their dwellings were such a thin dust on the surface of the globe, like invisible specks of bacteria on an orange, and the feeble lights of kebab shops and supermarkets failed utterly to register on the infinities of space above.” – Michel Faber“人们和他们的住所是地球外貌的一层薄薄的灰尘,就像橘子上看不见的细菌黑点,也像烤肉串店和超市微弱的灯光,我们完全无法记载它们上面无限的空间。

” –米歇尔·费伯6. “It is said that unless you are born a god, your life, from its very beginning, is a mystery to you.” – Jamaica Kincaid听说,除非你生为神,否则你的生命从一开始就是个谜。–牙买加金卡7. “The long evening had made its way into the barrack through the windows, creating mysteries everywhere, erasing the seam between one thing and another, lengthening out the floors and either thinning the air or putting some refinement on my ear enabling me to hear for the first time the clicking of a cheap clock from the kitchen.” – Flann O’Brien“漫长的夜晚从窗户走进了营房,到处留下神秘之物,抹去了物体之间的漏洞,拉长了地板,或是稀释了空气,或是在我的耳朵上释放了些精致的声响,使我第一次听到厨房里一个廉价钟的咔嚓声。” ——弗兰恩·奥布莱恩8. “I don’t want to fade away, I want to flame away – I want my death to be an attraction, a spectacle, a mystery.” – Jennifer Egan“我不想消失,我想燃烧——我希望我的死亡成为一种吸引,一种奇观,一种神秘。” ——詹妮弗·伊根9. “I realised, of course, that other people used these roads; but that night, it seemed to me these dark byways of the country existed just for the likes of us, while the big glittering motorways with their huge signs and super cafes were for everyone else.” – Kazuo Ishiguro“固然,我意识到,其他人走过这些门路;但那天晚上,在我看来,这些黑暗的乡间小路只为我们这样的人而存在,而那些有庞大标志和超级咖啡馆的闪闪发光的大高速公路则为其他人而设。


” –石黑一雄10. “He seemed, like Albert Vetch, simultaneously haunted and oblivious, the kind of person who in one moment could guess, with breathtaking coldness, at the innermost sorrow in your heart, and in the next moment turn and, with a cheery wave of farewell, march blithely through a plate-glass window, requiring twenty-two stitches in his cheek.” – Michael Chabon“他像艾伯特·韦奇一样,既心神不宁,又不经意,好像是那种能在一瞬间以惊人的冷淡,猜到你心田最深处的伤心,然后在下一刻转过身来,愉快地挥手离别,快步穿过一扇玻璃窗。他的疑惑像是一个脸上需要缝二十二针的人。

” –迈克尔·查邦11. It was hard to say what had depressed him more: the studied footwork of the couples on the dance floor, or the heartrending petty bourgeois piteousness of cucumber sandwiches passed around by accounting majors whose overly colorful bow ties had been expressly chosen to keep them from looking like waiters. – Nell Zink很难说是什么使他更沮丧了:舞池里那对匹俦学习的步法,有点像会计专业学生传来的黄瓜三明治,出现出令人心碎的小资产阶级的恻隐之情。他们特意选择了过于鲜艳的蝴蝶结,以免自己看起来像侍者。

–内尔·辛克12. “What is astonishing is that we, who had no idea how anything was going to turn out, now know exactly what happened.” – Philip Roth“令人受惊的是,我们以前不知道会有什么效果,现在却知道到底发生了什么。” –菲利普·罗斯13. “The building’s rusted fire escape would just come down, just come loose from its moorings and crash onto the street, if anyone stepped on it – a fire escape whose function was not to save lives in the event of a fire but to uselessly hang there testifying to the immense loneliness inherent to living.” – Philip Roth“如果有人踩到这座大楼生锈的防火梯,它就会坍毁,从停机坪上松开,掉到街上——这座防火梯的功效不是在发生火灾时救人,而是徒劳地挂在那里,证明生活固有的庞大孤苦感。


” –菲利普·罗斯14. Whatever I did I would do as I had done. – E.L. Doctorow无论我做了什么,我都市像以前那样做。-E.L.多克托鲁15. The fights between pupils were sometimes violent, the humiliations brutal and cruel, and Jed, being delicate and slight, would have been incapable of defending himself; but word spread that he was motherless, and such suffering, which none of them could claim to know, intimidated his schoolmates; thus there was around him a sort of halo of fearful respect. – Michel Houellebecq学生之间的争斗有时是猛烈的,羞辱是残酷的,杰德又娇弱又轻浮,他原来就掩护不了自己;但有消息说,他没有母亲,他们谁也不知道他的这种痛苦。

这吓坏了他的同学;因此,他周围有一种恐怖的令人尊敬的光环。–米歇尔·胡埃勒贝克16. There were patches of blackened snow on the red-tiled roof, and through the black teeth of its towering chimney rose a column of lignite smoke; wedged between the triangle of the roof and the rectangle of the chimney was a bright blue sky. – Orhan Pamuk红瓦屋顶上有一片片的黑雪,从它高耸的烟囱的玄色牙齿里冒出一股褐煤烟;在屋顶的三角形和烟囱的矩形中间夹着一片明亮的蓝天 -奥汉·帕穆克17.“Objects, their outlines beginning to harden in the growing light, had a shadowy, totemic menace.” – Paula Fox物体的轮廓在逐渐变亮的光线下开始变硬,显示出一种阴暗的图腾般的威胁。——保拉·福克斯18. “When Jun Do had cordoned off the pounding in his eyes, and the hot blood in his nose, when he’d stopped the split in his lips and the sting in his ears from coming inside, when he’d blocked his arms and torso and shoulders from feeling, when that was all blocked off, there was only the inside of him, and what he discovered was a little boy in there who was stupidly smiling, who had no idea what was happening to the man outside.” – Adam Johnson“当俊道封锁了他眼睛里看到的重击和鼻子里的热血,当他阻止了嘴唇上的裂痕和耳朵里的刺痛,当他锁住了他的手臂、躯干和肩膀,当一切都被封锁了,他只发现了他的心田,他发现了一个小男孩傻傻地笑着,不知道外面的人怎么了。

” –亚当·约翰逊19. “A single note, held in an amber suspension of time, like a charcoal drawing of Icarus falling.” – Karen Russell“一张纸条,悬挂在琥珀色的时间通道里,就像一张伊卡洛斯坠落的木炭画。” ——凯伦·罗素20. “Nothing is random, nor will anything ever be, whether a long string of perfectly blue days that begin and end in golden dimness, the most seemingly chaotic political acts, the rise of a great city, the crystalline structure of a gem that has never seen the light, the distributions of fortune, what time the milkman gets up, or the position of the electron.” – Mark Helprin“没有什么是随机的,也不会有任何事情是随机的,无论是以金色朦胧开始和一长串完美的蓝色竣事的日子,最看似杂乱的政治行为,一座伟大都会的崛起,从未见过灼烁的宝石的水晶结构,财富的分配,另有送牛奶的人什么时候起床,或者一个电子的位置都是随机的。” –马克·赫普林。



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